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I have a lot of strange things on my hard drive. In the process of moving things over from my modestly-large drive on my big laptop to my surprisingly-larger hard drive on my netbook, I’ve been going through some of the more unusual selections (with a healthy dose of "where the hell did I get this from?"). I decided to start another irregular feature on here called "Shit On My Hard Drive" so I can start sharing them with you. (In this case, "shit" means "hobby game of some sort," but it might be anything else I find weird on my computer — songs, video games, software, whatever.)

Here are three RPG selections on my hard drive right now that are… a bit odd.

Joe in Ten Persons: I found this via the Free RPG Blog. It’s a game about a guy named Joe who meets a man named Keeton who allows him to interact with a variety of alternate versions of himself who are all obsessed with affecting the decision of one particular Joe, Joe Prime. SImple, right? It’s a one-shot shared-narration competitive RPG with a clear winner and a weird kind of board game vibe featuring stick figures.

Yeah, there’s no easy way to describe it. But it’s worth at least a glance. And it’s free.

Download it.

Read a review.

The Agency: Take the height of 60s super-spies. Stir in a healthy portion of monster stomping, and you get The Agency. It has a lot of the fun of a game like Bureau 13, but with a system that focuses on high action and camp (with some interesting incentives to fail entertainingly). It was originally designed for the No Press Anthology, but it’s now released by the author for free.

Download it.

Read a review of an earlier version.

Super Console: Tired of playing fantasy RPGs? Now you can play a video game RPG… as a tabletop RPG… which is primarily focused on fantasy. Well, you know what I mean. This straddles the line between "faithful reproduction" and "shameless parody," but more than once it’s inspired me to run a game where mages and ninjas level up multiple times a session and buy equipment from identical-looking stores while fighting in two opposing rows. There’s nothing to handle situations outside of combat, but given the kinds of games this is emulating, that’s not surprising. It’s a buck on DriveThruRPG, but you can find free (legal) copies on the net if you dig around a bit.

Buy it.

Read a review.

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