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For those new to my blog, I occasionally do review of shit on my hard drive — weird files or programs that have made their way onto one of my computers that I’m currently messing around with. It’s been a while since I’ve done one, so I’ll do a bunch of mini-reviews.


I have been skeptical of the so-called “distraction-free” word processors for some time. It seemed to me to be a gimmick, yet another piece of software that tries to “trick” people into writing. But I kept seeing recommendations for Writemonkey on my Twitter feed, so I decided to give it a try. And for first drafts that are nothing but prose (like my episodes of Whitechapel), it’s really not bad. The export to MS Word is a bit wonky for me (at least, it looks wonky in OpenOffice), but that’s a minor quibble — for something like this, I expect to do rewriting and reformatting anyway. It really is that middle ground between Notepad and OpenOffice that I was looking for. Plus, it doesn’t install on your computer, so I can drop the folder into Dropbox and use it on any computer I have Dropbox on. (I could even drop it onto a USB if I needed to.) Oh, and instead of a bunch of “features” that are pointless, this one actually has features that are useful and contribute to my process. (Well, and a few that I don’t use.)

Desktop Dungeons

I like roguelikes, but I often don’t have the time to devote to them that I would like. Once in a while I’m looking for a short dungeon-crawling experience that plays quickly. I found Desktop Dungeons over at IndieGames.com, and I’ve been loving the hell out of it. It’s actually pretty strategic for a roguelike, but you can play a game in about 10 minutes or so. And like most roguelikes, you’ll die a lot.

Tales From The Floating Vagabond

Tales From The Floating Vagabond is one of those games that, for many years, I swore to people existed but no one believed me. I used to play this game a fair bit when I was in college (usually while drunk), but whenever I would talk about it in later years, I would just get strange stares from other games. And then, on a hunch, I found out that DriveThruRPG has a PDF copy of it. For really, really cheap. I’m pretty sure I burned a hole in my credit card in my eagerness to get a copy. The game is a little clunky in the age of super-fast comedy RPGs like Risus, and it’s a bit more punny than funny at times, but there’s still a lot of entertainment to be had. The schticks alone are worth a look.

Retro Wallpapers

I’ve been looking for some new wallpapers for work and for my netbook, and I’ve been really grooving on these next-gen remakes of old-school games. I’m currently rocking the Castlevania one.

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