My GenCon Schedule

This week I will be at GenCon, pimping the upcoming digital awesomeness coming from White Wolf from Wednesday evening until Monday morning. However, unlike previous years, looking for me at the White Wolf booth probably won’t get you good results, as I’ll be running around a lot this year. But there are some points in which you can track me down.


  • I’ll be at the Diana Jones Awards, as I have been every year. It’s industry-only, so you either know where and when to go, or you don’t.


  • Currently I’m free most of this day, but I think Ned from Marketing is planning to load me up with interviews that day, so we’ll see how long that plan survives.


  • WoD Cage Match: Panel I’ll be part of from 11am-12pm, with Rich Thomas and Ethan Skemp.
  • nWoD Retrospective: Panel I’ll be part of from 12pm-1pm, with Rich Thomas and Ethan Skemp.
  • DriveThruRPG: Seminar I’ll be sitting in on from 2pm-3pm, with a few guys from the DTR crew.
  • ENnie Awards: I’ll be at the VIP reception and then the main award ceremony from 6:30pm until whenever it ends. Look for me, Kelley, and our ENnie Dream Date.


  • Storytelling in the 21st Century: Panel I’ll be largely hosting from 1pm-2pm with Rich Thomas and Ethan Skemp.
  • White Wolf Party: I know it’s at Club Industry this year, but I don’t know when it starts or what’s going on with it. I’m sure someone will tell me at the show, or just ask at the White Wolf booth.


  • Maybe gaming! Maybe shopping! Maybe interviews! Who knows?

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