My New Title

For a month or so, I’ve been scrapping personal projects, pulling away from potential commitments, and generally rearranging my personal life. I mentioned in passing that I had a couple of work opportunities pop up that I was really excited about, but I needed to make my personal life more flexible to better plan around them. At GenCon, I was able to announce one of those opportunities. I realized that some people who read this blog might actually be interested in the news as well, so here goes.

Previously, my title at White Wolf had been “Alternative Publishing Developer.” As the stuff I work on moves from being the alternative to the way we do business, we realized that my title was a bit of a misnomer. I suggested a few options (including just “Developer”), but my boss surprised me by giving me a much bigger title.

As of August 1, I am the World of Darkness Developer for White Wolf Publishing.

My job duties haven’t really changed as such – they’ve just increased in scope. I had already been shepherding a number of World of Darkness products in my time with the company, and over time the other guys have trusted me more and more to make my own calls on things. In retrospect the title is making official something that’s been happening unofficially for a while, but it’s still an amazing vote of confidence to even be offered the chance to call myself the World of Darkness Developer.

So, that’s a lot of the reason why I’ve been crazy busy lately. The post-GenCon rush is starting to die down a bit, so things are settling a bit more, and hopefully I should be able to get back to my backlog of topics to blog about. Plus I do have another (much less time-intensive) personal project in the works that I’ll serialize on this blog at some point – I want to make sure I can build up a backlog before I announce it, so if I get hit with workworkworkworkwork again, there won’t be a pause in the project.

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