The Grandest and Masqueradiest Show

The Grand Masquerade is next week.

This is, in many ways, a unique experience. It’s absolutely the first time we’ve gotten a lot of different World of Darkness communities together. Live-action, tabletop, card games… all of them are together under one roof in a gorgeous hotel in New Orleans. It’s a great chance to get together and talk about the past, present, and future of the World of Darkness. I’m sure I sound like a shill, but fuck it; I’m the World of Darkness Developer now, and this is an entire show about the World of Darkness. I’m pretty pumped.

On the other hand, I’m nervous as well. We’re going to make some big announcements – maybe not earth-shattering in the grand scheme of things, but certainly we’ll be talking about stuff I haven’t been able to talk about for a while now. I’m doing my usual yearly panel of new LARP theory, as well as reprising the last two I’ve done, and I’ll probably be on a few other panels as well. I’ll likely be audio recording whatever panels that we won’t videotape and post on YouTube. I’m sure folks will have lots of questions, and I want to make sure to do my part to make myself as available as I can for the community to answer the questions I can. Plus our usual slate of awesome parties. It would be great if I could actually get some gaming in, but it’s a lot of stuff going on.

I’m sure I’ll see a lot of folks there that I haven’t seen in a while, and meet new folks for the first time. It’ll be weird to have many of my social networks interacting under one roof as I bounce from being “Eddy the guy I used to game with” to “Eddy the WoD Developer” to “Eddy the person” and back again about a million times over the course of several days. Being an introvert (even if I am a very social one), that’ll take a lot of energy out of me. Normally, I wouldn’t be too worried, but I’m going to roll from the convention right into a lot of work stuff, and then another convention, so I won’t have a lot of time to recharge. I may just say “fuck it” anyhow, but we’ll see how it pans out.

So, yeah. Excited, nervous, and weird. I’m in as crazy headspace right now. This show will be memorable, though, that’s for damned sure.

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