Letter from Thailand


Earlier this year I asked some of my peers in the gaming industry to donate stuff to my cousin-in-law. He was looking for something a bit like classic D&D, but exploring some of the “hackability” of Fudge. I got a number of PDFs, as well as a lot of physical products at GenCon, which I finally got a chance to mail out a couple of weeks ago. On Tuesday, I got an email from Dave.

The package got here yesterday. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the Thai staff when I told them that my cousin and her husband send over the books to help the students enjoy learning English. We have our own English library here in the English Program at school and I told the librarian to keep the books safe and not to let them out of the library. I locked up the DM screen, map, graph paper and pens in my office desk. Today I showed the kids the treasure trove and they were in shock that someone in the USA would send them something. I had them practicing map making today and they were picking it up quick.

Gatecrasher is an amazing book, storyline and RPG. You must have been talking to Michelle as this RPG perfectly suits me. I read a few reviews and the purist’s don’t seem to like it. On the other hand after just giving it a quick run through I LOVE IT! The weirdness and wackiness balanced with a good sense of humor make this a great game. Please tell your friends, colleagues, and businesses who helped in this project thank you so much. I see the librarian is drafting a thank you letter and in the Thai way the big wigs will want to sign it before I send it to you. I will also get some pictures of the students and I using the material you sent so you can forward it to all involved.

I have a fudge dice roller on the laptop but Gatecrasher also has a percentile dice system that should be just fine. God I can’t wait to fire up a game. I’ve been saleing it to the girls as a form of the Twilight movie series and they are interested in trying it too. I’ll let you know how it goes and thank you so much, God I’m pumped!

I’m glad I was able to be even a small part of this project.

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