Should I sell the writing clogging up my hard drive?

Question_bookOne thing that comes as a consequence of long car trips is that I end up thinking about writing. As we drove back and forth from Tennessee and Georgia over Thanksgiving, I had a couple of ideas. The first was to resurrect a novel idea that I had a little over a year ago and go back to researching and plotting it. Since I have no idea if it’ll be a non-starter, I won’t go into that.

The other idea is to take some short stories and bits of microfiction I’ve collected over the years and sell them on the Internet.

As usual, as soon as I have an idea, the brain thief Chuck Wendig has already beaten me to the punch. However, he’s talking about something much more substantial than I am. A quick copy-and-paste of everything I would be compiling barely clocks in over 20k, and it’s a mishmash of old blog posts, professional wrestling essays, sci-fi, drama, humor, historical fantasy, fictionalized personal experiences, and other detritus from my head.

Basically, here’s what I’m thinking: If there’s interest in the stuff, and if people would be willing to pay .99 cents for it, I’ll pull it all together, polish it up, get it edited, find a decent looking cover, and sell it as an ebook for the Kindle, nook, iPad, and so on (basically, in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf formats).

If there’s interest in the stuff, but not enough to pay a buck, I’ll just compile it and give it away for free. I won’t polish it, edit it, or give it a cover – I’ll likely just stick it as a .zip file on the Free Stuff page.

So, please drop me a note here, on Facebook, on Twitter, through the contact page, or whatever. I’m okay if your answer is “No, not willing to pay a buck for that stuff, sorry” – I’m just trying to get an idea of a potential market.

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