My New, New Title

4370063414_ddfc02c89aLess than a year ago, I was telling the world about my new title, World of Darkness Developer. Since then, I’ve had another change in position, equally as positive. I’ve mentioned it in passing, but things are far enough along that I can talk about it in earnest. Back in April, I moved out of the World of Darkness MMO project to become the Senior Transmedia Developer at CCP, part of a new Transmedia division at the company. According to my LinkedIn page, I “provide strategy guidance as well as publishing, development, editing, and writing support for a variety of transmedia products (including RPG products under the White Wolf brand).”

What does that mean? Well, there’s a lot of controversy about what transmedia really means, but on a basic level it means that I’ll be helping to create and develop products that bring the world of CCP’s games into other areas besides the computer screen. Right now a very natural extension of that is to continue to evolve my work on RPG publishing, and using that to expand into other areas of exploration. There’s a lot of exploration, research, prototyping, and just plain division building going on right now (when I’m not working on Vampire: The Masquerade – 20th Anniversary Edition, of course). And, like my last job change, this means that I get to do all the stuff I did under my last title, plus more. I sincerely believe that stories, games, and content in general are moving towards being media-neutral, and finding ways to integrate a larger media base into world-building, storytelling, and gameplay is the way forward.

I expect I’ll be talking a lot more about this, both in general terms and specific things relevant to White Wolf and CCP. But for now, I need to get back to writing about vampires.

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