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I’ve been busy

While I’ve been hammering away at Vampire: The Masquerade — 20th Anniversary Edition, a few other things have fallen into place recently in my non-vampiric life.

Recently, Gareth Skarka announced that I’ve been signed up to work on his fiction anthology, Tales of the Far West. We’re still sorting out details, which I’ll share once I have them.

Further, I’m in the process of getting paperwork and signing documents with a publisher for another project of mine. I’m hoping I’ll have information relatively soon on that front.

I’m getting close to wrapping up the Tour de Holmes (which will get a proper title, I swear). After the last essay, I’ll compile and expand the essays into a full manuscript. At least two publishers have expressed interest in that as well, but worse comes to worse, I’ll probably self-publish it (possibly using a Kickstarter campaign to raise the starting capital for an editor and artist).

Finally, I’ve got a couple of RPG remix designs I’m kicking around. I may be able to get one into a state to be playtested stage in a few months.

Since I’ve got a lot of balls in the air, I decided to go ahead and create a page of all of the products I’ve worked on as a writer and/or designer1 and host it on this website. Right now, none of these funnel money back to me, but buying them would support companies that give me money (or have given me money in the past). I’ll try to keep it up to date as well.

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  1. The list of books I’ve developed at this point would be massive and need updating once a month. That’s a lot.