A conjurer gets no credit when once he has explained his trick

I am tired
I am tired

I can hear you cry out. “Where have the essays for the Tour de Holmes been? Have you forsaken us? Was this all a lie?”

(Actually, that’s not true. The Holmes essays are some of the least viewed pages on my site, so I highly doubt that anyone is actually crying out for them. But for the sake of argument, I’ll pretend people are beating down my door to read them.)

The reality is that I have just been crazy busy, and lately I’ve been physically, emotionally, and creatively exhausted. While I love working on the essays, they register in my brain as “work,” and I’ve had a lot of work lately. I’m going to try to get back on the horse next week, but for now I really do need a little break.

However, I haven’t given up, because I do really want to finish them. My ultimate goal is to finish the essays so I can then go back and compile them into a manuscript to farm around to a few people who have expressed interest in publishing them as a book. Already I see some old essays I should refine, and there’s a few essays that fall flat because I just wasn’t feeling it that week, or whatever. I also want to get them done because I have a few other big personal projects I’m noodling around with, and I don’t feel I can start them until these are done without having both projects suffer.

But at least the title of this post is a Holmes quote. So there’s that.

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