I Said This, Didn’t I? Fine, You Tell Me What To Say

Deja VuOne of the downsides of keeping a blog is that I end up running into myself.

Allow me to explain. I was reading Chuck Wendig’s blog today, and he was talking a little bit about the nebulous nature of “noir” while trying to describe his new novella:

It’s noir. Noir-esque. Quasi-noir. I don’t even know what noir is anymore, honestly. It has a passel of bad words and ugly thoughts, of course, though let’s not be naïve and pretend that teens don’t use naughty swear words or do bad things.

I mentioned on Twitter that it got me thinking about noir, and he and I kicked a few points back and forth on it. I decided that I wanted to blog about it, so I warmed up the laptop and started writing.

And remembered that I had already said all of it before, over a year ago.

“Well, shit, Past Me. Good game.” Since I was already in a blogging mood, I pulled up my list of topics to consider. I noticed that I had one talking about the conflict between old-school and not-old-school (new school?) D&D fans, so I started doing some quick research on that.

And ran into my own post, again.

“Damn it, Past Me. You’re taking all the good topics. I bet you haven’t done one about the ambiguous nature of writing, have you?”

Well, fuck.

Clearly I have said all that I ever intend to say on the Internet. Is it time to pack up shop and call it a day?

Well, hang on a second.

A while back, Ryan Macklin mentioned that he was often surprised that blogging about things that seemed really obvious to him were utterly astounding to others. And I think that’s fair – I’m often so close to the topics I think about in my career and my art that I don’t consider that someone else might find it interesting. And clearly, left to my own devices, I would blog about Sherlock Holmes, video games, and the same twelve topics until the sun exploded.

So, let’s make things interesting. I have deleted my entire topic queue save for two items, which both came from outside sources.1 Tell me what you want me to talk about. I do have a few guidelines, though:

  • Nothing specifically about White Wolf/CCP. I have other outlets for those conversations (whitewolfblogs.com, my podcast, etc.), so I’d like to keep those topics there. If you have an idea on that front, hit me up at podcast@white-wolf.com.
  • Nothing negative about someone else or another company. “Talk about how Wizards fucked up D&D” or “Tell us about Jess Hartley’s bad life decisions” won’t hold much water with me.2
  • I reserve the right to reject a topic purely because I am a fickle bitch.

Other than that, pitch me some blogging topics, and I’ll see what I can work out for you.

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  1. One was a Twitter conversation, and the other came from a Google+ conversation. I guess social media is where I get my ideas now.
  2. Although it would confuse the hell out of me, since I don’t think Jess is capable of making bad life decisions. Justin, on the other hand….