Stuff I’m Doing

I’ve been focused on work and writing a lot lately, so I haven’t had many chances to update. However, some things have broken loose that I can talk about.

The “not quite as big but still exciting” update is that Slices of Fate is now available in ePub and mobi (Kindle) formats, as well as print on demand. If you already bought the PDF, the other formats are now available for free from And right now, it’s on sale! I actually get dividends from this, so please go buy a copy if you want to support my work.

The biggest is that one of the anthologies I’m slated for has been announced: Have Blaster, Will Travel, a fiction anthology for the Bulldogs! role-playing game. I’m looking forward to working on a sci-fi property, and especially excited to be working with J.R. Blackwell on the project!

It even has a book trailer!

Have Blaster, Will Travel from jrblackwell on Vimeo.

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