Back from GenCon

I have returned from GenCon 2012 in a blur of activity and talking to people. What I remember:

  • A group of filmmakers is working on a documentary about Dungeons & Dragons. I was one of the people interviewed for it (at last GenCon). They have a Kickstarter up now, and I highly encourage folks to support it.
  • I got to spend more time with friends at this con than I have at previous ones, which is always a plus. However, it made me realize that I just don’t have enough time to spend with everyone I want to, which sucked.
  • Turns out Brennan Taylor really liked my Bulldogs! short story. Enough to ask me if I want to contribute to another anthology of his.
  • There’s a small chance that my insane love of Sherlock Holmes might find a wider audience. It might be nothing, but it might be awesome.

  • The dime dropped about the Onyx Path. More info will be coming soon once contracts are finally signed, but it means that instead of working full-time for Rich to make World of Darkness RPG stuff for CCP, I’ll be working freelance for Rich to make World of Darkness RPG stuff for Onyx Path. We also kicked around a totally unrelated fantasy game I’ve been noodling for a while now. This may or may not be related to the fact that I shared a hotel room with him.
  • I made Shane Hensley’s day by telling him I was excited about Deadlands Noir. Because I am.
  • I got audio recordings of all of the panels, and will be getting those to the appropriate people to spread around the Internets by the end of the week. Except for a couple of minor technical problems, they all went fine.
  • I did some signings. One fan asked me to sign her breasts, which was certainly a first for me. I can check that off of my Internet Celebrity list, I suppose.
  • There was some drama. I dodged most of it, though.
  • I picked up something I never thought I would see: live-action rules for Champions. Further, they claim they can run a massive PvP battle in under a few minutes with those rules. I’m really interested in seeing if that’s the case. I also got a book of essays on Song of Ice and Fire, and some new dice to break in at the D&D game this week (as well as the Mutants and Masterminds game).
  • I got a lot of compliments on my new hair and the weight loss, as well as a number of people offering their good thoughts for my upcoming surgery.
  • I didn’t drink as much as I expected I would, mainly because I felt a little tired and sore, and I couldn’t afford to get sick before the surgery. Still, liberal amounts of sleep and hand sanitizer seem to have helped.
  • Got to meet some more One World by Night peeps. Now I know more than one or two people when I go to Midwinter. (Also, got to meet the woman running Midwinter.)
  • Due to dinner taking way longer than expected, I missed the ENnie awards this year. I understand I didn’t win anything, though.
  • Once again I failed to spend any real time with the folks at Green Ronin. Which is sad, considering I know just about fucking everyone that works there these days.
  • And other stuff. It was great, but I’m glad to be home.

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