Earpocalypse: Day 1


I am not Eddy.  I lack the vast number of things that make Eddy interesting or appealing, such as his stunning good looks, his compelling writing talent, his charming personality, or anything that would make me someone with a well-read blog.

What I do have is information.  Information which I will share while Eddy is recovering.

The surgery was a success.  They stopped short of pulling all the hearing bits out (apologies for the medical jargon) and the report is that he had a “very impressive” cholesteotoma.  The surgeon replaced two of the inner ear bones and rebuilt the middle ear (pause for cyber-hearing joke).

The reason Eddy himself is not writing this is that his vertigo and nausea has been severe since the surgery and the surgeon has decided to keep him overnight for observation.

Shortened version:  The surgery went fine, recovery is taking a while.  Eddy will return shortly to provide infinitely better written content.

Thank you to all of Eddy’s friends for your consideration and well wishes.

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