Holy Crap, I’m Busy

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal update, and since a few things have fallen into place recently, it’s a good time to update and recap.

Health: Last week I got a nasty cold that I’m still shaking off (probably due to Atlanta by Night). For a while it really ramped up my vertigo, but it seems to have died off. However, I’m still struggling with mild dizziness and headaches as I continue to get the last bits of congestion out of my head.


  • Atlanta by Night went well. I got recordings of many of the panels I was on or at,1 and now that I’m mostly well and past my convention gauntlet, I can start editing those for release.
  • SIEGE also went well last weekend, although I was only well enough to attend for one day. The panel on writing for video games I sat on was well attended, and a number of people seemed to really appreciate the things we discussed. As much as I like talking about the RPG side of things most of the year, I really enjoy digging into my day job and talking about working on video games when I get the chance. I got some nice emails from the staff of the show thanking me, and I really hope to make it a yearly event that I can contribute to.
  • I also got to try out an early build of Xaviant’s game at the show, which is shaping up really nicely.
  • I’m discussing travel arrangements for Midwinter now, so I’ll definitely be there. I’ll give a few presentations and probably LARP a fair bit to make up for not being able to do much of it at AbN.
  • Today I got an email saying that I am on the short list for adding a presentation to the Canon track at 221b Con in April. I haven’t figured out exactly what I’ll present yet, but it’ll likely be some of my rants from the Tour de Holmes rewritten for presentation.

Writing Projects

  • This one is the most time-critical, so I’ll put it on top: the legendarily-awesome Robin Laws asked me to work on a Series Pitch for his new Kickstarter Hillfolk (GO NOW). If it breaks $23,500, I will work on Deadweight, a crime drama setting in the world of independent professional wrestling. Also, if the DramaSystem version does well, I’ll seriously consider some of my fiction ideas for that setting.
  • I’m continuing to hear good things about the production of Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition (which has a new Kickstarter GO NOW), which I did some initial design work on and wrote some words for. Stew Wilson was nice enough to let me throw a few words at the upcoming Book of the Wyrm as well.
  • I’ve sent off some short story drafts. One is for the God Machine Chronicle fiction anthology, edited by the always-awesome Matt McFarland (who also has a new Kickstarter GO NOW).
  • Another short story draft is off for We Are Dust, the anthology for Our Last Best Hope, edited by the equally awesome Mark Truman.
  • I saw a layout draft of Have Blaster, Will Travel a few weeks back, so that should be available soon. Brennan mentioned wanting me to work on another anthology, so I’m looking forward to that.
  • I’m in the middle of a longer-than-normal-for-me short story draft for the Strix Chronicle fiction anthology, edited by the running-out-of-adjectives-for-awesome Russell Bailey. It’s very noir, and has a few things going on that I hope will interest people.
  • I’m also working on the initial design doc for a new project I can’t give details on yet. I will say that it does involve Sherlock Holmes (and no, it’s not the Tour de Holmes manuscript which I keep not finding the time to work on).

God Damn

  • Somewhere in there, I’m trying to play some Fall of Cybertron, which is probably the best Transformers video game ever.

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  1. Except for “What Do You Want To See in the WoD MMO?” because that was just fans telling us what they want to see — something I thought no one would be interested in, but it turns out I was incorrect. Something I’ll know if we do it next year.