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Expanding my social media empire

In an effort to try and divorce “Eddy Webb as writer and game designer that people might want to know about” from “Eddy Webb as dude who likes to talk about Transformers that flip people off,” I’ve set up professional Facebook and G+ pages that will focus on information about various projects I’m working on, as well as acting as a feed for this blog (which generally focuses on my writing, hobby game design, and video game work anyhow). I don’t yet have a separate Twitter account, but I’m still considering that as well. The links on this blog also point to the “official” Facebook and Google+ pages. Direct links are here:

Eddy Webb, Writer (Facebook)

Eddy Webb, Writer (Google+)

Please Like or +1 those pages if you want to stay on top of the various projects I’m working on, or just want to hear me babble about writing or game design!

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