Watson is Not an Idiot

How to Pre-Order “Watson” in the US

Since the reveal of my cover for Watson is Not an Idiot, a number of people have asked how to pre-order the book in the United States. I asked Steve (my publisher), and here’s what he said.

To ensure the independent bookstores have a chance to compete with the big boys, we set them up first, so the large stores tend to pick it up a few weeks before publication. Any of your friends can get the book early from our shop.

So, if you’re wanting to pre-order, you have a few options.

Right Now, If You Have A Mystery Bookstore: If you have an independent bookstore near you, you can go there and see if you can pre-order Watson is Not an Idiot.

Right Now, Online: If you prefer to order online, you can go to the MX Publishing USA website to pre-order: Watson Is Not An Idiot

Wait a Bit: The book launches in late October, and I’ll be collecting all the links on my “Buy My Work” page. This includes Kindle links as they go live (which, I expect, will be available for pre-order in early October).


I asked MX Publishing about whether Watson will be in the iBook store, and here’s the response I got.

Oh yes you will. On 30+ stores in iBooks in fact. You’ll also be on Kindle, Nook and Kobo (plus a bunch of library systems too). The ebook verisons I hope will come out before the paperbacks.

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