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Tell Me What I Should Write About Sherlock Holmes

In case you missed it, the Kindle version of Watson is Not an Idiot is now available via Amazon ahead of schedule! The print version of the book is still scheduled for October 30th, and I’m hoping the revised interior will be available for both. If you’ve already had a chance to read it, please leave me a review on Amazon!

Related to that, I’m starting to think about my next book of essays, tentatively titled Never Mind The Sherlocks. There are some topics about the original canon that I’m sure I missed, but I also want to talk about the various media adaptations of Holmes, as well as how they relate (or don’t) to the original canon.

While I’m pulling together my material (which, to be fair, will probably take several months — it’s something I’m working on between video game work and freelancing), tell me what kinds of topics you’d like to see. What parts of Sherlock Holmes have always confused or fascinated you? What would you like me to rant about?

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