Elementary 208/209: “Blood is Thicker” and “On the Line”

Episode 208: Blood Is Thicker

Two small canon references in this episode.

A corpse falling from a balcony on top of a moving vehicle is very similar to The Bruce-Partington Plans (although in that case, it was a moving train). This is also one of the very few times I’ve seen a plot point shared with Sherlock — Watson solved a similar situation in the episode “The Great Game.”

When Holmes talks about his wants in life, he mentions that all he wants is “a loaf of bread, and a clean collar.” This is the quote from The Hound of the Baskervilles:

I brought Cartwright down with me — you remember the little chap at the express office — and he has seen after my simple wants: a loaf of bread and a clean collar. What does man want more?

Episode 209: On The Line

Like the previous episode, the initial murder set-up is evocative of a canonical story. This time, the idea of a gun being tied to a weight so that the gun is pulled into a river is a key point in the story “Thor Bridge,” as well as the act of committing suicide to frame someone for murder.

Near the end of the episode, Holmes is driven by rage and frustration, and ends up taking justice into his own hands in spite of the police. This is a common theme in many of the Sherlock Holmes stories, from letting suspects go (“The Blue Carbuncle”) to threatening people that did horrible things that aren’t entirely crimes (“A Case of Identity”), although the story that covers that tendency the most is probably “Charles Augustus Milverton.”

While Holmes in the canon doesn’t stoop to falsifying evidence (and, thankfully, doesn’t manage to do so here), he certainly is cavalier about his relationship with the police and the justice system. Similarly, the fear that Holmes could become a criminal has been alluded to in the canon.

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