Elementary 210/211: “Tremors” and “Internal Audit”

Two great episodes, but not many canon references this time around.

Episode 210: Tremors

Not much in this episode — the whole episode revolves around Holmes’ proclivity to take the law into his own hands to fit his personal sense of justice. Sherlock’s speech to Watson about rulebooks is very evocative of comments Holmes has made in the canon, although it wasn’t a direct reference. A good example is in one of my favorite stories, “Charles Augustus Milverton”:

“I suppose that you will admit that the action is morally justifiable, though technically criminal.”

Also like in this episode, canon Holmes has sometimes hurt people in the course of his own investigations. The best example is when he nearly killed Watson in “The Devil’s Foot,” when he exposed them both to a powerful drug.

Episode 211: Internal Audit

Bell’s trauma with his hand is vaguely reminiscent of Watson’s own injury in the canon to his arm and/or leg, first referenced in A Study in Scarlet.


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