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My Panels at 221b Con

I just received word of what panels I’ll be speaking on at 221b Con next month. Here’s the blurb for each as well:

Canon 101 – Unsure where to start? Want to know the jokes behind the Speckled Blond and the Geek Interpreter? Here’s the panel to ask questions without judgement.

The Napoleon of Crime – Why do we love Professor Moriarty? Was he even real? Or was he just a figment of Sherlock Holmes’ imagination?

“One Fixed Point in a Changing Age:” Sherlockians in the Digital Era – What does it mean to be a fan in today’s world?

Watsons Through Time – A look at the many different actors to portray Watson.

Women in Sherlock – From Sally to Mary, Irene to Mrs. Hudson, a look at the women who make up the Sherlock universe.

I’ll also be at the MX Publishing table, selling copies of Watson is Not an Idiot. Stop by and say hello!

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