My Time With CCP Is Over

After six and a half years, on the day of my 13th wedding anniversary, I am no longer employed by CCP. I was laid off, not fired, along with a number of my friends and colleagues with the cancellation of the World of Darkness MMO.

As such, I am now looking for employment.1 If anyone has leads on full-time Narrative Design or Game Design jobs inside or outside Atlanta, please let me know. I am also interested in hearing about freelance writing work for video games, transmedia, RPGs, and fiction. My LinkedIn resume is pretty up-to-date, but I’ll be revising it over the next few days — if I’ve worked with you before, a recommendation there would be amazing.

I am also in the process of reorganizing my life. Many of my plans for this year, including travel plans, were based around a full-time role within CCP. I have to reassess what makes sense for me now, and some of that relies on me knowing my next short-term and mid-term steps. I also have lots of complicated emotions around the World of Darkness property that I have to sort out. I will be reaching out to friends, clients, and business partners impacted by these changes soon.

The amount of solidarity I’ve seen and received from former coworkers has been nothing short of amazing. I have been overwhelmed with Facebook messages, emails, and texts of support, offers of help, and waves of White Wolf paws. It reminds me of what is amazing about this industry and this community.

As a note, I will not be speaking about CCP’s decisions at all. Please respect that. Anyone who dismisses the hard work this team did on this project or who engages in speculation on how we did it all wrong will be taking a vacation from my social circles. Talk shit in your own space.

Despite it all, it was a hell of a ride, and I met a lot of amazing people that I hope I have the chance to work with again on future projects.

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  1. Despite LinkedIn telling everyone I now have a “job” at Onyx Path Publishing — I’m still only doing a little freelance work for them right now.