May Update

Things have been getting steadily busier for me. But I still have a little time for a quick update!

Moving to Ireland

The move continues forward. Getting rid of excess stuff, selling our house, arranging transport for Prince Murray Pug of Pugmire, and consulting with experts about what business actions I need to be taking… there’s a lot left to do! Right now I’m looking at mid-June for the real move, but there are plenty of things my family and I need to handle in the meantime.

The whole situation is stressful, but I’m slowly moving from “anxiety” to “excited.” There’s still plenty that could go wrong, but I’m looking forward to living in a different country, and all the opportunities (and challenges!) that brings. Of course I’ll miss all the friends and contacts I’ve made here over the years, but I really do think this is a great next chapter for everyone in our family.


I’m still deep in the research/exploration phase of things, but signs still point to me being able to run Pugsteady much as I already have. There may be some value in opening a “Pugsteady Ireland” branch, but it really does look like I’ll just have to handle a little paperwork to keep doing what I’m doing. And I may not even need to do any of it right away.

Further, I’ve managed to pick up some steady contract work for a while. Having a regular income will be really helpful for a while as we settle in. I’ve also got some more one-off contracts since I last posted, which are always exciting. And that’s all outside of an upcoming Kickstarter!

Monarchies of Mau

Yes, the next step in the world of Pugmire is on the horizon. Hopefully very soon will be the launch of the Kickstarter for Monarchies of Mau, the companion line for Pugmire. This is more than just an add-on to play cats in a dog’s world — it’s a whole new brand that co-exists with Pugmire but has its own style and direction. If you love cats and you love Pugmire, I’m hoping you’ll really love Monarchies of Mau!

Once it’s live, I’ll post it everywhere I can, so you won’t miss out. I’m also partnering with some blogs and other media outlets so we can make a huge splash on day one. If you’re a blogger or reporter and want to get involved with the pre-launch blitz, let me know!


Earlier in the month I went to the East Coast Game Conference. Last year I really enjoyed going, and this year was no different. It was great to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones. Further, my talk about audio design for people with hearing loss went over much better than I expected (feared), and led to some great side conversations with some passionate and excited audio people. It was a great time, and I hope I can go in future years (although maybe not as often, travel permitting).

In the aftermath of the show, I have thought more about how to increase visibility of hearing loss in fiction and entertainment media. Nothing is fully formed in my mind yet, but I think this is a topic I’ll be focusing more on over the next few years. (Which reminds me, I should probably look into Irish advocacy groups for those who are hard of hearing.)

What Do You Want To Hear About?

Is there something in particular you want to hear about? Leave a comment or use my contact form, and I’ll consider it for my next post!

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