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Wrestling Is For Idiots


I just got back from watching one of my best friends wrestle his last match to about 50 people in Aberdeen, Ohio. Just ten weeks before, I was watching Wrestlemania 25 with tens of thousands of people in Houston, Texas. Over the past few years, wrestling has gotten a lot of attention (admittedly mostly negative), and more and more of my acquaintances want to talk to me about professional wrestling, so it’s been on my mind off and on for a while. I decided to try to encapsulate some of my thoughts into an essay, which quickly became a series of essays that I’m calling “Get Over.” Consider these all to be works in progress.

Wrestling Is For Idiots

Alpha and Omega

Friday morning I am headingup to Cincinnati (by car) to go see (aka Ric Byrne) wrestle his last match. It’ll be nice to see the Old Country(tm) again, as well as and his family. Plus, some of the guys on the card I remember from when they were training in HWA, so it’ll be cool to possibly reconnect with them.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight years. Crazy.

My Fans Are Awesome

That subject still feels a little weird to me, but it’s true — I have people who are fans of me and my work. For some reason, a lot of it all came in this week, and in a variety of forms.

Eddy Webb, I Envy You: A blog post by Daniel Perez of Highmoon Media about how he covets my job.

Collection of Horrors: I got a LiveJournal letter from about the Collection of Horrors. As this was a pretty big gamble for me, I’m glad it’s being received so well.

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