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Sometimes, I like to post stuff to the web for free. And everyone likes free stuff, right?


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  • “Questions” – A microfiction piece I’ve polished and rewritten a few times. You can also find a version of it (along with many more of my microfiction pieces) in my collection Slices of Fate.


  • Marvelous Superheroes (Zip file of  PDFs and OpenOffice files) – An attempt to merge Fudge and the old Marvel Super Heroes system by TSR. I never finished it, but I understand it’s pretty playable as is.
  • Cam: The Politicking – A satirical card game about the politics of the Camarilla fan club.

Game Design Talks

  • I Didn’t Catch That: Audio Design for Hearing Loss

LARP Theory/Analysis


For a number of years I did a very ad hoc podcast called the White Wolf Blogcast. The feed is dead and gone, but all of the old archived episodes are available for free at

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