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“Watsons Through Time” Roundtable from 221b Con

The incomparable Baker Street Babes podcast has posted their recording of “Watsons Through Time,” a panel I had the pleasure of sitting on at 221bCon. With me were Kristina Manente, Ashley Polasek, and Roane. I’m glad this panel is up, because it gives a lot of the tone that I infused into Watson is Not an Idiot, and it certainly covers some of the material from the book as well. It’s about an hour long and a little hard to hear in spots, but it was a great time, and I hope that comes through in the podcast.


221b Con, or Remembering How To Be a Fan

Last weekend I went to 221b Con, a first-year Sherlock Holmes convention in the Atlanta area. It was my first Sherlock Holmes-only convention, and the first one where I didn’t know a single person there (aside from a nodding acquaintance with one of the organizers through a mutual friend). I was signed up to be on four different panels. And I was a little terrified of the prospect.

It turned out to be a fantastic experience.

Unsurprisingly, the con was just as much about BBC Sherlock as it was about the original canon. What was interesting was that there was already a strong Elementary presence, and indeed even some more remote pastiches such as The Great Mouse Detective had a following there. Further, there wasn’t much siloing of the subfandoms — time and again I would hear of old Sherlockians watching Elementary or Sherlock fans rabidly devouring the original canon. One of my favorite moments was a cosplayer of Sherlock Irene Adler dominating a cosplayer of Elementary Sherlock for a picture. It was a sincere love of all versions of the Great Detective, which I immensely enjoyed.

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Holy Crap, I’m Busy

Photo by Joelle Silverio

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal update, and since a few things have fallen into place recently, it’s a good time to update and recap.

Health: Last week I got a nasty cold that I’m still shaking off (probably due to Atlanta by Night). For a while it really ramped up my vertigo, but it seems to have died off. However, I’m still struggling with mild dizziness and headaches as I continue to get the last bits of congestion out of my head.

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