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AbN LARP Presentations Now Online

Yes, I talk in public a lot. (Photo by Ned Coker.)

At Atlanta by Night I ran a new version of one of my LARP theory presentations (“Your Game Sucks”) as well as a brand-new presentation building off of the previous three (“Playing to Lose”). After a couple of weeks of dodging sickness and generally not having time, I’ve finally edited the recordings and posted the PDFs of the Powerpoint slides I used on my Free Stuff page. I also left the YouTube version of “Your Game Sucks” from last year up for people who like moving pictures.

Holy Crap, I’m Busy

Photo by Joelle Silverio

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal update, and since a few things have fallen into place recently, it’s a good time to update and recap.

Health: Last week I got a nasty cold that I’m still shaking off (probably due to Atlanta by Night). For a while it really ramped up my vertigo, but it seems to have died off. However, I’m still struggling with mild dizziness and headaches as I continue to get the last bits of congestion out of my head.

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