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Castle Elegia Hacks (Initial Notes)

Steel engraving (993 x 71mm) for frontispiece ...
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Instead of actual blogging today, I’ll just post a bunch of notes I’ve been writing down while I was ill over the past week or so. I give to you Castle Elegia.

This is a pile of “hacks” to Elegia, meant primarily as a series of notes for a game I have in mind. For those who don’t know, Elegia is a “retro-cool” fantasy RPG intended to evoke both old-school RPG sensibilities and 8-bit console gaming. The original Elegia is meant to feel more like the original Final Fantasy games. Castle Elegia, on the other hand, is meant to evoke a more gothic flavor — a mix of Final Fantasy, Castlevania, and Ravenloft. Rather than reinvent the wheel (at this stage), I just decided to put together a series of notes on how I would reskin Elegia to run such a game. If these hold up, I might flesh these ideas out into a short “campaign setting” for Elegia. The core book is free on PDF, and you can download it here:


Chapter 1 – Characters

• Attribute and skill checks are now combined. All checks are done similar to attack rolls – add the attribute modifier to the skill rank and a 2D roll, against a DN of 9 (typical), 13 (difficult), or 17 (very difficult).
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