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Cover for “Watson is Not an Idiot”

The cover for my new book, Watson is Not an Idiot, has been revealed! It is a collection, revision, and expansion of my “Tour de Holmes” essays through MX Publishing, a fantastic publisher of over 100 Sherlock Holmes books.

Pre-orders are already available through Amazon.co.uk. The US store should be up soon as well — once it is, you’ll be able to find pre-order links on my “Buy My Work” page.

If you are Facebook user, I suggest you check out the “Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle Books” group. I’m what is called a “content creator” there, and it’s the best place to get information on not only my book, but all of the others that MX Publishing releases. It’s not required — I’ll likely duplicate anything I post there to my own social media sites — but if you’re interested, it’s a nice way to support my publisher.