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Hillfolk Fate is Not an Idiot

Today has been a day of riches. Or at least sales and comps. 1

First off, I got to look at the digital files for Hillfolk, which I contributed to several months ago. From Robin’s Kickstarter:

Hillfolk, the new game of Iron Age conflict from acclaimed designer Robin D. Laws, introduces to the roleplaying world his DramaSystem rules engine.
You know those magical game sessions where the dice and rules fall away, and the entire group spontaneously enters a collective zone of pure story and character? DramaSystem’s basic structure reproduces that dynamic on demand.

As part of that, Robin included a number of “series pitches” of different backgrounds you can use with the core Hillfolk system. I contributed an old novel idea of mine: “Deadweight,” a noir/professional wrestling mashup about an independent wrestling federation that makes some horrible mistakes behind the curtain and gets involved in crime.

The nice thing about the Hillfolk agreement is that Robin asked for the bare minimum of rights for his project — I still have full rights to everything but RPGs, and even then I can do a lot as long as I reference Hillfolk. As such, I could still theoretically do a Deadweight novel. It’s a classy arrangement, and I would gladly do it again. I understand copies will be available at GenCon, and I highly encourage people to check it out.

Secondly, my collection of microfiction, essays, and miscellany, Slices of Fate, is now 25% from DriveThruFiction until July 28th. Here’s the blurb:

Slices of Fate is a unique collection featuring the works of Eddy Webb. Stories within range from the author’s nod to literary tales as in his piece “A Sheepish Trip to Yorkshire” to his more speculative work such as “The Battlefield.”

Essays include a series on two of Webb’s oldest loves: wrestling and Sherlock Holmes. Combined with several pieces of microfiction, this debut collection is an in-depth representation of Eddy’s work over the course of several years.

“Enthusiastic, creative, honest, intelligent.” – Jason L Blair, from the introduction.

Finally, I got my stack of comp copies of Watson Is Not An Idiot, and they look great. I was a little surprised since they came from Lightning Source, and my brain is so used to getting my White Wolf/Onyx Path books from Lightning Source. I’m really pleased with how they turned out — they’re a bit meatier than I expected (about three times the size of Slices of Fate), and the cover popped a bit more than I expected. Of course, I’m immediately seeing things that I wished I did differently with the book, but I’m just trying to make a note of it and maybe those ideas will spin off into a second book. But it’s still very exciting!

  1. For those that don’t know, “comps” is publishing jargon for “complimentary copies,” or the free copies that writers and freelancers get of the books they’ve worked on.

Holy Crap, I’m Busy

Photo by Joelle Silverio

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal update, and since a few things have fallen into place recently, it’s a good time to update and recap.

Health: Last week I got a nasty cold that I’m still shaking off (probably due to Atlanta by Night). For a while it really ramped up my vertigo, but it seems to have died off. However, I’m still struggling with mild dizziness and headaches as I continue to get the last bits of congestion out of my head.

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