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Wrestling with the Three-Act Structure

Jeff Hardy performing a low dropkick on Umaga....
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Recently I’ve been reading a lot about story structure, particularly the three-act structure. There’s been a lot of discussion about story structure on various blogs lately (hell, I even talked about it), but one thing I kept hearing about was how that stories are all structured the same way, that any meaningful story has a three-act structure, blah blah blah.

I didn’t believe it. I was like “Yeah, whatever, there are some (non-interactive) methods of storytelling that don’t follow the three-act structure, totally.”

This past weekend, I watched Wrestlemania XXVI with a few friends. It was the first Wrestlemania in four years that I hadn’t seen live, but I always look forward to it. It’s often the resolution to a lot of the stories that have been going on since January.

And wouldn’t you fucking know it — those stories tended to follow the three-act structure.

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