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The Case of the Accidental Brunette

I got some interesting commentary and thoughts on yesterday’s post about the stereotype of the hot brunette, so rather than moving on to my next set of thoughts, I wanted to kick around some of the ideas that these comments sparked in my head today.

Andrea herself was very supportive (go follow her on Twitter, because she’s awesome), but only had a minor quibble: that the sexism is a by-product, rather than an intentional problem. This I absolutely agree with, which is why I changed direction halfway through my post and focused on the lazy stereotypes rather than the –isms. I don’t believe that the writers of these fictions are being intentionally sexist or any –ist, but it is one consequence of lazy stereotyping.

Jenn mentioned the stereotype of the ass-kicking woman over the woman that needs rescuing, and I think it’s a valid point. Andrea mentions in her presentation that when ARGs starting hitting the scene, it was around 2001 when shows like Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer were making the rounds. That in itself is starting to become a stereotype, but that’s less of a concern. How such characters are usually portrayed in interactive fiction is that, while they are kicking ass, they can’t kick enough ass without your help, which unfortunately puts them back into the role of needing to be rescued in some form or fashion.

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