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What I Learned from The Path


Continuing through my queue of games that I’ve learned from, here’s what I learned from playing The Path. (Special thanks to Link Hughes for buying a copy for me, even if he mocked me later for playing it.)

Before I dive into this, The Path is really one of those games you absolutely love or absolutely hate. I’m going to be upfront: I didn’t enjoy it. I know this game is quite the darling in the indie video game scene, and that’s awesome – I wish Tale of Tales the best of luck in continuing to make games that work for them and their audience. I’m not their audience, but as someone keenly interested in the design of games and other interactive media, I can and will play things I don’t like to learn from them. So if you’re gearing up to leave comments or send me emails telling me how I should have loved the game, save us both a lot of time: I don’t love it, and probably won’t no matter how much you tell me I should have.

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