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What Constant Vertigo is Like

It has been over two months since my inner ear surgery. I haven’t been talking about my recovery because, frankly, it’s been really frustrating. The short version is that I’m still having problems, currently¬†exacerbated¬†by a nasty sinus infection (which I am taking antibiotics for). But, rather than continue to whine about it, I thought I would try to put into words what the sensation is like, so that writers can present it more accurately.

Immediately after my surgery, everything was a constantly spinning tornado of nausea. Every time I opened my eyes, I was immediately nauseous, and the only thing that made things better was sleep. Honestly, most of that time was a blur (no pun intended), but I do recall everything spinning a lot. Strangely, this was the most normal part of things, because it felt like getting off of a really bad roller coaster ride or something similar.

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