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Cover for “Watson is Not an Idiot”

The cover for my new book, Watson is Not an Idiot, has been revealed! It is a collection, revision, and expansion of my “Tour de Holmes” essays through MX Publishing, a fantastic publisher of over 100 Sherlock Holmes books.

Pre-orders are already available through Amazon.co.uk. The US store should be up soon as well — once it is, you’ll be able to find pre-order links on my “Buy My Work” page.

If you are Facebook user, I suggest you check out the “Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle Books” group. I’m what is called a “content creator” there, and it’s the best place to get information on not only my book, but all of the others that MX Publishing releases. It’s not required — I’ll likely duplicate anything I post there to my own social media sites — but if you’re interested, it’s a nice way to support my publisher.

Two new projects revealed (and some blog maintenance)

The past few weeks have been more than a little insane, to the point that I’ve been using my two-week work vacation to catch up with the overflow (although I have been diligent about making sure that it’s only in the mornings, so I can still relax during the day, because vacations are important). I have had so much going on that I needed to start using Trello to track all my projects, and that’s all on top of getting a new co-worker up to speed to help out on the World of Darkness MMO. But a couple of my personal projects have recently been announced.

The first is that I am one of the Shaintar All Stars, working on a sourcebook for the Shaintar fantasy RPG using the Savage Worlds system. I’m going to be working on Guidebook 9: The Malakar Dominion, which is a nation of political intrigue. I’ve talked about my opinions on fantasy before, but I like some of the stuff Sean’s doing with his game world, and I’m hoping I can help expand on this compelling topic.

More exciting for me is that Watson Is Not An Idiot has found a publisher! It’s going to be released through MX Publishing, who has a catalog of over 100 Sherlock Holmes books. It’s been incredibly exciting to work with them, and I’m really pleased with everything thus far. I’ll hold off for now, but expect to hear me talk a lot about this book in the coming months.

Finally, as a result of this and some consideration of how I use this blog, I’ve decided to reorganize it a bit. Now all my entries fall into four categories: “Games,” “Writing,” “Sherlock Holmes,” and “Bloggery” (which is the miscellaneous category). These are the three main things I write about, so rather than trying to maintain an archaic and bizarre organizational scheme, I thought it better to just call out the three “sub-blogs” I have. I’ve also added links on the main page so that you can easily see posts on each of those topics. Let me know what you think!

Also, as a quick post-script, I’ll be on vacation visiting my mother from Wednesday to Saturday, so don’t be surprised if I don’t have my usual lightning-fast response time.