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A Taste Of “Quantum Crisis”

Most people know me through my work on Vampire: The Masquerade or White Wolf/Onyx Path RPG books in general. Not many know that I also do a lot of work in fiction and on other RPGs, covering a range of topics. This “A Taste Of” series features samples of my work from areas most people might not know about, along with places you can buy the book to read more!

Mark Truman of Magpie Games (and now, involved with the amazing Firefly RPG) asked me to write for two anthologies, both for games he Kickstarted that ended up acquiring anthology stretch goals. The second was for We Are Dust, a collection of stories about the end of the world. We agreed that I could do some “junk science” sci-fi stuff, and I found a great conspiracy theory about endless power derived from quantum particles. The rest became “Quantum Crisis.” If you like blockbuster movie-style crisis stories, you’ll like this.

If you do like this first part and want to read the rest, you can get We Are Dust from DriveThruFiction, on Amazon Kindle, or directly from Magpie Games! Continue reading A Taste Of “Quantum Crisis”